AE脚本网格参考线自动对齐布局工具GridGuide v1.1.006含教程

AE脚本网格参考线自动对齐布局工具GridGuide v1.1.006含教程



After Effects脚本GridGuide可以自动布局、可对齐的引导网格和可修改的形状图层引导 – 因为运动设计不是静态的。


  • 自动布局可改善您的设计——即使对于没有设计背景的人也是如此。只需将您的图层大致放置在它们应该在的位置,选择它们,然后单击“自动网格和捕捉”按钮。GridGuide 应用基本设计规则来改进图层的位置和大小,确定最适合您的内容的网格。
  • 可修改的形状图层指南 ——因为运动设计不是静态的。GridGuide 的网格基于形状图层,这意味着您可以像任何其他图层一样移动、旋转、缩放、父级和关键帧。不要将自己局限于静态设计——让您的向导跟随您的动作。
  • 直观的对齐工具——允许您对齐、缩放和拉伸图层。只需单击它们几次,即可使图层从一条网格线跳到另一条网格线。当然,对齐工具也适用于旋转网格。
  • 原生、可吸附的 After Effects 指南– 如果您更喜欢可以交互吸附的指南,您可以使用“将网格转换为指南”按钮将形状图层指南转换为原生 After Effects 指南。在 After Effects 中创建网格的方法有很多,但 GridGuide 是唯一用于创建真正可对齐的指南的自动化解决方案!
  • 完全可定制的网格,包括用于装订线、边距、笔触颜色、笔触宽度等的控件。更重要的是,GridGuide 支持有界和无限网格,以及仅由水平或垂直线组成的网格。
  • 单线和十字准线为您的设计增加了更多的灵活性。当然,对齐工具也可以处理这些线条——即使合成中有很多线条。
  • Auto Layout improves your designs – even for people with no design background. Just place your layers roughly where they should be, select them, and click the Auto Grid & Snap button. GridGuide applies fundamental design rules to improve the placement and size of your layers, determining the grid that best fits your content.
  • Modifiable Shape Layer Guides – because motion design isn’t static. GridGuide’s grids are based on shape layers, which means that you can move, rotate, scale, parent and keyframe them just as any other layer. Don’t limit yourself to static designs – let your guides follow your motion.
  • Intuitive Alignment Tools – allows you to align, scale and stretch layers. Just click them several times to make a layer jump from one grid line to the next. Of course, the alignment tools also work on rotated grids.
  • Native, snappable After Effects guides – if you prefer guides that you can snap to interactively, you can convert your shape layer guides to native After Effects guides using the Convert Grids to Guides button. There are many ways to create grids in After Effects, but GridGuide is the only automated solution to create truly snappable guides!
  • Fully customizable grids including controls for gutter, margin, stroke color, stroke width, and more. What’s more, GridGuide supports both bounded and infinite grids, as well as grids that consist of horizontal or vertical lines only.
  • Single Lines and Crosshairs add even more flexibility to your design. Of course, the alignment tools work with those lines, too – even if there are many of them in the composition.


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