AE脚本父子图层快速链接工具 Layer Sitter v1.3 + 视频教程

AE脚本父子图层快速链接工具 Layer Sitter v1.3 + 视频教程



AE脚本-Layer Sitter可以使管理父图层变得容易。使用可过滤列表、创建新的自定义空值或使用快速父级快速父级选定层。

当After Effects 中图层较多时候,链接父子图层可能会很困难、耗时且令人难受。但 Layer Sitter 有助于使链接图层更容易。您可以使用可过滤列表快速选定图层,而不是拖动您的pickwhip 或无休止地滚动。在合成和时间线中快速添加具有可自定义位置的新空值。将常用图层快速存储为父级,以方便链接。Layer Sitter 非常适合角色动画师、动作设计师以及任何需要帮助管理具有多个图层的合成的人。最新的1.3版本已经支持Mac OS Catalina了,

支持Win/Mac系统:AE CS6 – CC 2022      V1.3更新Mac OS Catalina 支持

Quick Parents

Quick Parents make it easy to quickly parent select layers to commonly used parent layers. Simply select any layer and store it as a Quick Parent. Layer Sitter can remember up to 5 Quick Parents in unlimited compositions.

  • Parent selected layers to a Quick Parent
  • Select a Quick Parent
  • Add a new Quick Parent
  • Remove a Quick Parent

Removing a Quick Parent from Layer Sitter does not disrupt existing parenting chains.

Parent Selected Layers

Quickly parent select layers to an existing layer. Layer Sitter provides a list of layers that can be filtered if their enabled, soloed, locked, shy, or have a specific label. Layer Sitter will also help make your life easier by checking and disabling layers that cannot be used.

Layer Sitter can also create a new null instead of using an existing layer. This new null has a variety of options for position in both the composition and the timeline.

Layer Sitter is smart. Layer Sitter will not disrupt existing parenting chains even if you have previously parented layers selected.